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Flat Roofing

Rubberbond EPDM is a top quality flat roof system that is guaranteed to protect your home from the even the worst weather. Made from durable rubber material that has been proven to outlive its counterparts, it is the perfect addition to any new or existing roof.

Rubberbond EPDM is a heavy duty, super strong material that is significantly more robust and more durable than anything else on the market. The laminated non-woven fleece underside gives the material its strength and durability, along with a greater resistance to tear or impact. It will not deteriorate with extremes of temperatures or weather conditions and, although it has a guarantee that covers a 20-year period, it has been known to last over twice this length of time.

By installing Rubberbond EPDM, you also protect your flat proof against mould or moss. The material is breathable to prevent blistering, while still being completely waterproof to protect your home from downpours. Furthermore, the flexibility of the material means that it can bend to follow the shape of your roof and will also adjust with your home and its movements without compromising its protective features.

If you choose to install Rubberbond EPDM for your flat roof, you can be confident that you will receive a high quality roofing system that looks great, and will keep your home protected for many years to come.

Flat Roofing Frequently Asked Questions

What flat roofing system do you use?

We use ‘Firestone RubberCover EPDM Roofing System’ on our flat roof installations. This is a durable, watertight, rubber-based roofing material specifically designed for flat roofs. It is also ideal for use on dormers, porches, garages, balconies, and gutters.

Will the flat roof need heat-sealing?

No, the ‘Firestone RubberCover’ system has a completely heat-free installation process, so there are no naked flames involved.

Is my property suitable for a flat roof?

If you do not have an existing flat roof, you will need to speak to a member of our team to find out if one can be installed. Give us a call on 0800 987 5765 to discuss your requirements.

Do I get a guarantee?

Kingfisher Exteriors Limited offer a ten year insurance backed guarantee on all products. This guarantee is transferable to the new homeowner, should you sell your property in the future.

Do you fit other types of roofing?

Yes, we also fit traditional slate/tiled roofs. Please contact us to discuss your requirements.

Can I use my flat roof as a balcony or roof garden?

Depending on the structure of your flat roof, it may be possible to convert it to a balcony by way of reinforcement. There is a heavy duty version of the ‘Firestone RubberCover’ that is suitable for heavy foot traffic areas.

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