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Garden Rooms

At Kingfisher Exteriors we specialise in building bespoke garden living spaces designed to enhance your lifestyle. We put the needs of our customers at the heart of everything we do and aim to transform your garden space with our creative solutions.

Whether you are looking to build an isolated space to work in peace, a place for entertainment to share with family and friends, or simply want a more cost effective way to expand your home, our garden living spaces will be perfect for you.

Work Space

Find the space to work as you need on your doorstep.

Play Space

Let your imagination run free in your own space.

Leisure Space

Relax and unwind at your pace and leisure.

Dual Space

Give yourself the luxury you deserve.

Corner Space

Maximise the dimensions of your garden.

Bespoke Designs

Our experienced design team will work with you to craft a personalised living space to suit your needs. We understand that every project is different and our consultative approach will find the best solution to maximise the space on your property. At Kingfisher we are committed to customer satisfaction and bringing your vision to life.

A Sercice Made to Suit You

We can conduct site surveys to suit your schedule, a flexibility we offer right across our service. Our friendly team will provide a thorough site survey of your garden and discuss the options available to you in detail. From the start of the project right through to completion, we provide clear and achievable time lines, taking up to as little as five days to build your new garden space.

Our 10 Year Guarantee

The materials used to build your new living space will always be of the highest quality. Our designers and installation team adhere to the strictest of trade standards to guarantee the durability of your build. To give you extra assurance we supply a 10 year insurance backed guarantee on all our installations, giving you full confidence in your new Kingfisher Exterior garden space.

Removing Planning Premission Hassle

Given the nature of the buildings we construct, planning permission is rarely a requirement. In most cases a garden room will be classed as ‘permissible development’ which removes the need to apply for planning consent. Our industry experience ensures all our designs comply with current building legislation.

All Year Weather Resistance

Due to the outstanding quality of the materials we use and the precise construction of our garden spaces, our structures are built to withstand all weather conditions. Premier insulation provides high levels of thermal efficiency and lower energy costs, while detailed planning ensures the roof and walls always remain waterproof.

Prices You Can Trust

We believe in providing an honest and transparent service to every one of our customers. There are no surprises or last minute changes to the quotes we provide. The price we quote will be the final price you pay so you always know where you stand with Kingfisher Exteriors.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need planning permission for my garden room?

Planning permission is not needed as long as the structure complies with certain criteria regarding height, square meterage and distance from the perimeter of the garden. All our garden rooms are designed to be less than the 2.5m in height and the majority are less than 30m2, meaning no planning permission is required. If you would like a garden room larger than the 30m2, we will deal with the planning permission application on your behalf.

Are the garden rooms insulated?

Yes, all of our garden rooms are insulated using 100mm rigid insulation boards in the floor, ceiling and walls, meaning the room is usable all year round.

Can the garden rooms be made to any size and shape?

Yes, we can make a garden room to any size and shape to suit your garden. We offer a few different set styles and sizes with prices on the website but please feel free to send sizes over or give us a call to discuss your needs.

Can I use the structure as accommodation?

No, this would require planning permission approval and building control regulations. This would also invalidate any insurance backed guarantee we offer.

What guarantee do I get with my new garden room?

‘Kingfisher Exteriors Limited’ offer a ten year guarantee on all of our garden rooms.

Can my garden room be built to adjoin the main house?

No, the garden rooms are designed to be a separate standalone structure with a lockable external door. They cannot be built against the house and must stand at least 60cm from the garden perimeter.

Can you install a garden room if my garden is sloped?

We can normally install a garden room to any garden even if it has a slope. However, the site surveyor will be able to advise at a free, no obligation home visit.

Can my garden room have electricity installed?

Yes, each garden room is installed with a new consumer unit to comply with current building regulations and all installs are done by a part ‘P’ approved electrician to ensure a safe and reliable electrical supply. Prices may increase depending on the length and complexity of supply needed from the main consumer unit. Any additional prices will be agreed before installation begins and will be determined at a free, no obligation home visit.

What materials can be used as the external cladding?

There are three main types of cladding that we use on a regular basis. A sustainably sourced timber cladding, 18mm shiplap Upvc cladding, or we now install ‘brick slips’ to make the structure look as though it has been erected using traditional bricks/stone.

Do I need to clear the garden before installation starts?

We ask that you move any garden furniture or plants/flowers from where the garden room will be erected. If you have any mobility issues or ill health, we would be happy to move any larger items for you. The site surveyor will make it clear before installation of everything that is needed.

Is my deposit protected?

Yes, an insurance backed guarantee is provided with all of our installations to give each customer peace of mind.

Are the garden rooms maintenance free?

The timber cladding has a life expectancy of 30+ years but you will need to regularly re-apply protective coatings to preserve the timber. All timber will naturally fade in colour over the years but with a regular maintenance program, you can keep the garden room looking great. The Upvc shiplap cladding offers a 20 years manufacturers guarantee and will just need a regular wipe down using warm, soapy water. Brick slips are maintenance free. All guttering and down pipes should be regularly cleared to make sure water can disperse correctly away from the garden room.

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