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Insulated Conservatory Roofs

Supalite insulated conservatory roofs are made from lightweight aluminium with a breathable membrane so they can be installed on existing or new window frames safely while allowing complete ventilation. They are also easy and quick to fit, so you are guaranteed to suffer minimum disruption while we give your conservatory your ideal finish.

Our Supalite conservatory roofs enable our customers to enjoy their conservatory, whatever the weather. The insulated roof stabilises the temperature so you and your family can use your conservatory all year round without suffering extremely cold or hot temperatures in the height of winter and summer.

The insulated conservatory roofs are available in a variety of styles and colours to match the main roof tiles and to fit in with any type of building, from the newest home to those that are not so modern. We are even able to provide different internal finishes for your roof, including a smooth plaster coating or a tongue and groove wood effect.

All Supalite roofs are supplied with a ten-year guarantee so if you decide a Supalite roof is the right choice for you, you can rest assured that you will receive the highest quality and therefore maximum satisfaction from your conservatory for many years to come.

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